He previously owned stock in five guys pizza too though reports suggest hes since sold off his shares plus fans will recall seeing shaq on various tv commercials they may not be glamorous but theres clearly cash to be earned in working for brands like pepsi gold bond buick icyhot and more.

Others agreed saying that evans was one of the most humble guys with a heart of gold calling him an angel and essentially clamoring to cover up any awkwardness for him fans even went all out trying to make the reposts of the image and jokes about it disappear by striking up a hashtag and wholesome image dump to defend chris honor.

A terrified elderly couple say they were forced to cower inside their home after their abusive k inga ora neighbours held a black power party at which a police officer was allegedly assaulted and.

A repugnant policy that protects violent and abusive state house tenants who intimidate law abiding neighbours is potentially unlawful and open to legal challenge before the courts an expert says.

The courtiers wear red blue gold pink or green belted tunics they all sport red circle brimmed caps men rsquo s hemlines in the fifteenth century ended above the knee to show off two tone hose as the period advanced men rsquo s hemlines ascended higher and higher up stockinged legs ultimately culminating in the need for the codpiece in the mid.